Buyers have questions. It’s a good thing I have answers.

The Buyer Consultation is free and is done with every client who is thinking of hiring me to be their Buyer Agent. It’s where we get to know each other and make sure our personalities are a fit and that our expectations are made clear up front.

before the appointment

Prior to the appointment, I’ll email you a questionnaire that will tell me how comfortable you are with things like financing, paying closing costs, and doing updates or renovations. You can complete this now if you would like!

what to bring to the appointment

Please make a list of questions to bring to the appointment. The questionnaire will spark some questions, and you’ll think of others during our appointment. I want you to understand everything about this process, so ask away! It’s important.

Each decision maker who will be living in the home (usually the adults) should make a list of deal-breakers, wishes, and wants for the new home…

Deal-breakers are things that will make the home a NO for your family. You may require a one-story home or only want a home with an enclosed garage. Maybe for you, a home with a galley-style kitchen is a deal-breaker, or if a home doesn’t have cable television access, it’s a no. Some people only want homes with a pool and others absolutely do not want a pool. Be sure only absolute deal-breakers go on this list.

Wishes are things that would be nice to have and would make you feel like you really hit the jackpot if you found a house with that feature. For example, a bay window in the kitchen or an outdoor kitchen by the pool. These are features you could certainly live without and wouldn’t really pay extra for, but they just may seal the deal if you found them in a property.

Wants are what we’re really looking for. They’re the “three bedroom, two bathroom, brick home with 2 car garage OR carport in XYZ school district”. These are the basics - the needs. The things that are needed to help your family function and flow go here.

Most buyers think the first step in house hunting is just that - house hunting! But it’s actually pre-qualification with a lender. If you need a referral to a reputable local lender, I can help you get started so don’t be nervous. This is a crucial, required first step before looking at homes for many reasons. Once your lender has provided you with an updated pre-qualification letter (or a “proof of funds” letter if paying cash) then we will set out to tour homes!

We’ll discuss closing costs…

what are closing costs, anyway?

Closing costs are fees charged by various professionals who work on aspects of your transaction. The majority of fees come from the lending side and are a result of a buyer obtaining a mortgage.

In cash purchases, closing costs may only be around $1,000 and in properties purchased with a mortgage, they may be as much as 3.5% of the sales price of the home.

Closing costs are monies due in addition to the sales price of the property. Who pays them are a part of the negotiation between buyer and seller, so make sure you understand them completely before you sign your contract.

While inspections are not usually considered a closing cost, this Wikipedia article may help you understand the types of fees lumped in to this category.

who, what, when

We’ll discuss the timeline of the transaction from the buyer’s viewpoint.

Each transaction is different, but it’s good to know where you are in the grand scheme of things.

Refer to this list to see where you are.

Finally, you’ll have an opportunity to hire me.

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