While each timeline may vary slightly, you may find using the following list helpful to navigate through your purchase and stay on top of what’s next.

preparation and listing phase

  1. Consider getting an appraisal and a pre-listing home inspection

  2. Prepare your home for sale

  3. Interview agents (REALTOR® Consultation)

  4. Hire a REALTOR® (Listing Agreement)

  5. Obtain a home warranty to cover major repairs during the listing and after the home inspection.

  6. Stage home for optimum photography and showing results

  7. Professional listing photography is completed.

  8. Property enters the MLS and showings begin.

  9. Tidy daily for last-minute showings

  10. Leave lights and lamps on for scheduled showings

  11. Remove pets for scheduled showings

  12. Discuss showing feedback with REALTOR® (when provided by showing agent)

  13. Consider condition, market conditions, and price at every 30 day interval with no offer

  14. Offer received - discuss all terms with REALTOR®

  15. Draft counter-offer or sign acceptance


  1. Get copies of all executed documents from your REALTOR®

  2. Note dates and times of scheduled inspections and be sure all utilities are ON for inspections (all inspections must be completed and the repair request list must be received by the 10th business day of the executed contract unless otherwise agreed to in writing)

  3. Review repair request list submitted by buyer (unless an “as is” purchase)

  4. Draft response to repair request list and sign (the what and the how must be explained)

  5. The appraisal is ordered by the buyer or buyer’s lender once all repairs are negotiated

  6. Begin making agreed repairs

  7. Pest inspection (done 2 weeks prior to closing)

  8. Review pest inspection results with your REALTOR®, order treatment or repairs if needed

  9. Confirm appraisal result with your REALTOR® (if value is less than contract price, consult your agent)

  10. Begin making preparations to move (reserve moving truck, begin packing, sign lease, etc.)

  11. Verify that all sellers’ drivers licenses are valid and are not expired

  12. Review settlement statement with your REALTOR®

  13. Notify utility companies of day of service transfer (usually the first business day following the closing)

  14. Prepare for final walk-through (usually the day before or the day of closing) Buyer and their agent will return with home inspector to check that repairs were made according to the agreement

  15. Closing Day!


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