Thinking of selling? We should really talk…

The Seller Consultation is free and is done with every client who is thinking of hiring me to be their Listing Agent. It’s where we get to know each other and make sure our personalities are a fit and that our expectations are made clear up front.

Put on your “Buyer Glasses”

Walk through the property as if you were the buyer. Ask yourself, “What makes this home unique? What are the features that set this property apart from the others for sale in my neighborhood or school district? What would a buyer love about this property?

Now ask yourself, “What would I want to update? What is in disrepair? What finishes does this property have that are not currently being chosen by builders?”

make a list of items you know do not currently work properly, are in need of repair, or that you plan to update.

If you have plans to make updates or repairs, note this.

Gather relevant paperwork.

Do you have the paperwork from when you purchased the home? A recent appraisal? A plat or survey? All of these items will me get a complete picture of the property.


  • A tour of your home, inside and out

  • A review of recent and planned updates and repairs.

  • A discussion about your “why”. Why are you selling? Where you’re going next? How can I help your family move toward this next phase?

  • A review of comparable sold properties as well as properties currently for sale in your neighborhood or school district.

  • A discussion of how your property might be most effectively marketed.

  • Your expectations: your past experiences with agents, what you need from an agent, and a review of your timeline and goals for the listing period.

  • A thorough discussion about an initial market position, or price range, for your property’s entrance to the MLS. *Please note, most of the time the price range will be discussed after I have toured your property and completed my market analysis. I need to see your property’s condition and features before the pricing decision can be made.

  • Plenty of time for Q & A.

  • A review of the “Working With a Real Estate Broker” form, as required by the Mississippi Real Estate Commission, which explains the duties of REALTORS® working with customers and clients. This form explains the types of relationships available to buyers and sellers when working with a REALTOR® and the agent’s duties for each relationship type.

  • An opportunity to hire me.


i promise, i won’t

I hate digital presentations and I’m not going to make you suffer through one. We’re interviewing each other, so we need to talk to each other about how I can help you instead of you listening to me talk about myself.

I won’t bore you with a pre-packaged digital presentation that I purchased from the internet.

Every real estate company provides pre-fab digital presentations that agents can customize with their photo and personal information, making it look like they’re super special while they flip through slide after slide on their iPad at your kitchen table.

That’s just not my style.

I’d rather us get to know each other the old fashioned way - by having a conversation.


“Market Value” is not the price of your home

Market value is simply one thing: the price a buyer is willing to pay for a given property at a given time. It is determined by how the property’s condition and features compare to its competitors, as well as good ol’ supply and demand. Buyers set the market value, not REALTORS® and not sellers.

It’s important that we discuss the comparable sales of record in your area to help determine a beginning market position for your property. If an agent simply agrees to price your home where you want it without discussing the market data, including looking at “comps” - run! Don’t let an agent use your yard as advertising space for their sign.

My job isn’t to use your yard for advertising space for my sign. I want my sign to go up and come down as quickly as possible. That’s the best advertising I could ever get.